Curriculum Vitae

Medical practise since 2013

2015Diploma Integrative Kinesiology, Ikamed Zürich
2013Master in In-depth Analysis, Ikamed Zürich
2010 - 2015Studies in Traditional Medicine, Ikamed Zürich
2010 - 2014Studies in Integrative Kinesiology, Ikamed Zürich
since 2002Primary school teacher
1997 - 2001Studies in education science
Advanced training and diploma
2024Complimentary medical therapist with professional certificat OdA KT, specialisation kinesiology
2022Change of attitude: From problem attitude to solution attitude
2021Fears & compulsions — help for the child's soul
2020     Focus on individual needs, including different therapeutical methods such as focusing, embodiment
2019 - 2020Focus on systems and groups pca.acp
2018Person-centered approach by Carl Rogers (advanced module)
2017Coaching for children
2015Emotional acupressure knocking
2013 - 2014Wellness-Kinesiology
2013Educational Kinesiology
2009 - 2012Touch for Health I-IV
2009 - 2010Brain Gym I und II

Own experiences lead me to Kinesiology and it is still inspiring me everyday. I am fascinated and delighted by colors by which the unconscious is made visible, palpable and conscious.

In order to ensure quality of my work I regularly attend advanced trainings.